Aluminios y Plásticos Cataluña

Special Copper

High quality materials for electrodes

Type Material Features and Applications
HF (CH25) CuCrZr

high hardness material for tsoldadura spot, particularly for large series
Suitable for welding all types of steels, alloy and stainless steel also, as well as galvanized and plaquedas.


hardened material for spot welding, butt and bumps.
Suitable for carbon steel, galvanized, brass, bronze and nickel.
used with limitations for welding aluminum.

RS (CH23) CuCrZr Material

hardened welding rollers; resists high loads and is not sensitive to agretamiento.
Suitable for all kinds of steel and plated sheets.


BN (CH46)

CuCo2Be CuNi2Be

material hardness and conductivity particularly high enough. Suitable for welding, washer, bumps and stop.
Suitable for alloy steel, high strength and stainless steels as well as nickel alloys.

N4 (CH18) CuZr

electrode material, hardened by cold deformation, more softening temperature and high electrical conductivity.
Suitable for aluminum and bronze.

CuAg 0.10 P Material

hardened by cold deformation, with high electrical conductivity of pure copper, but with higher softening temperature. Especially suitable for aluminum welding.

Consult measures and minimum quantity of supply.