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The family of polyurethane rubber, better known by their brand names, ADIPRENE, VULKOLLAN, etc … are some elastomers (rubbers), with a unique combination of hardness, strength and capacity, as well as outstanding resistance to abrasion. Also retain their strength better than any rubber in the range of -10 ° C to +100 ° C, very important property for working under pressure or shock. High loading capacity and have the necessary elasticity for use in wheels, rollers, plates, etc.. Low coefficient of friction, which decreases dramatically with increasing hardness.

The polyurethane rubber has excellent resistance to oils and solvent, which makes their products are particularly suitable for service in contact with lubricants and fuels for automobiles, machinery, etc.

The polyurethane having a high resistance to compression deflection, with excellent results in springs and pads Tooling and metal stamping.